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(1) NAME:   The official name of the organization shall be The Forum for Medical Affairs (The Forum).

(2) PURPOSE:   To further the aims and ideals of organized medicine by providing annual programs for its members on important issues facing the medical profession.

(3) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:   The organization shall be governed by an Executive Committee, which shall consist of twenty-one (21) members. The Forum Membership shall elect sixteen (16) members, distributed geographically as equitably as possible. No person may serve more than two consecutive, full three-year terms as a member (non-officer) on the Executive Committee. The other members of the Executive Committee shall be the Officers: the President, President-Elect, Secretary, Immediate Past President, and Executive Director/Treasurer. The President of The Forum shall act as the Chair of the Executive Committee. The Committee shall have the power to act for The Forum Membership on all matters. All Forum programs shall be held during the AMA Interim Meeting at a time and place to be decided by the AMA, in consultation with the Executive Committee.

(4) NOMINATING COMMITTEE:   A Nominating Committee, appointed by the President, shall submit nominations to the Forum for members of the Executive Committee and for all officers. Nominations from the floor may be made by any Forum member. Elections are held at the Annual Business meeting of The Forum immediately prior to The Forum program.

(5) OFFICERS:   The officers shall consist of a President, a =President-elect, a Secretary, the Immediate Past President, and an Executive Director/Treasurer, to be elected by The Forum at its annual business meeting for a term of one year or until their successors are elected and take office. Their duties shall be those ordinarily associated with their respective offices.

(6) VACANCIES:   Vacancies for any cause creating unexpired terms will be filled at the annual business meeting immediately following the occurrence of such vacancies.

(7) MEMBERSHIP:   The Forum shall be composed of members of the AMA House of Delegates and the presidents, presidents-elect, past presidents, and executive directors (or equivalent) of the state medical associations and the AMA-recognized national medical specialty societies. Once qualified for membership in The Forum, an individual remains a member for life.

(8) FUNDS:   To provide funds for the annual Forum program and for administrative expenses, each state medical association and each national medical specialty society shall contribute as follows:

Less than 1,000 AMA members (according to most recent American Medical Association database) shall contribute $100.00 per annum.

1,000 or more, but less than 2,000 AMA members (according to most recent American Medical Association database) shall contribute $150.00 per annum.

More than 2,000 AMA members (according to most recent American Medical Association database) shall contribute $200.00 per annum.

No dues shall be levied on any individual member of the Forum.

(9) AMENDMENTS:   These bylaws may be amended at any annual session of The Forum by three-fourths vote of the members present.

Last Amended:
December 1985
December 2007

December 2009

medical affairs

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