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2007 Program of The Forum for Medical Affairs

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"Health Reformation: States Take the Lead!"

November 11, 2007 Program Announcement       Program Brochure

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The Forum For Medical Affairs The Forum For Medical Affairs The Forum For Medical Affairs

The Forum For Medical Affairs The Forum For Medical Affairs The Forum For Medical Affairs

The Forum For Medical Affairs The Forum For Medical Affairs The Forum For Medical Affairs


Jon M. Kingsdale, PhD
Jon Kingsdale is the Executive Director of the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority, an independent authority established under Massachusetts’ landmark health reform legislation of 2006, to promote coverage of the uninsured. He works with a broadly representative Board of Directors to develop key elements of the health care financing policy in Massachusetts, develop and implement new programs, and build a capable organization.
As a senior executive at the Tufts Health Plans for almost twenty years, Dr. Kingsdale was responsible for strategic planning, product development, public affairs and government relations. He led major product initiatives including the development of various new HMO benefits for the group market (including tiered-network HMO and POS plans), New England’s largest Medicare + Choice HMO, and consumer-directed health plans.
His work experience also includes executive roles in strategic planning and reimbursement at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, research on hospital finances at the Harvard School of Public Health, policy issues consulting in Washington, D.C., and reporting for Forbes Magazine.

Objectives: 1. Understand goals and progress to date of Massachusetts Healthcare Reform. 2. Appreciate and understand major challenges ahead for reform.
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Robert E. McAfee, MD
Robert E. McAfee, MD, a retired surgeon who practiced in Portland, Maine, was elected president-elect of the American Medical Assocaition in June 1993 and served as the 149th President of AMA from June 1994 to June 1995.
He currently serves on the Board of Ingraham of Portland, a non-profit social service agency providing services to people in crisis. He was a member of the Maine Medical Assessment Foundation board of directors from 1985 to 2002. He also was a founding member in the creation of the Cancer Community Center in South Portland in 1997, and served until 2001. He currently serves as chairman of the Citizen Review Board of the Portland Police Department, a subcommittee of the Civil Service Commission.
Most recently, Governor John Baldacci of Maine appointed Dr. McAfee as Chairman of the Board of the newly established Dirigo Health Plan, designed to provide health care coverage to all Maine citizens by 2009.

Objectives: 1. Understand why Maine’s Dirigo Health plan was a good solution for Maine. 2. Realize why any plan must address cost, quality and access to succeed. 3. Understand the lessons learned from Maine’s initiative and what might have been done differently.

Linda J. Rasmussen, MD
Linda Rasmussen MD, an orthopedic surgeon, is Immediate Past President of the Hawaii Medical Association (HMA) and Co-Chair of the HMA Legislative Committee, as well as Vice President of the Western Orthopaedic Association. Dr. Rasmussen is passionate about advocating for physicians and their patients. During her presidency HMA had numerous wins at the legislature and made unprecedented headway on medical tort reform. Her message to physicians is: “Your voice will be heard to create one cohesive voice that can turn ideas into reality.” Dr. Rasmussen also volunteers at Shriner’s Hospital for Children and with the Arthritis Foundation, and is a past president of Hawaii Orthopaedic Association.

Objectives: 1. Increased effectiveness in the legislature due to improved lobbying strategies. 2. Improved awareness of the issues in the community and recruitment of community members to achieve legislative goals. 3. Learn how to best utilize the media to achieve legislative goals. 4. Excite and involve fellow physicians in advocacy.

medical affairs

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